Monday, March 22, 2010

The TD Garden/Boston Bruins and MORE hockey news

Greetings my friends! 

Today I am going to talk about some hockey do's and don'ts.   - And for all of us who have been stressing about apostrophes lately - well you can be sure there will be some errors here!

Last Thursday the Man's man acquired some tickets to the Bruins Vs. Pittsburg boxing hockey rematch.  Didn't turn out that way - it was an awful game, they lost but more importantly Ms.Bee has decided that she no longer is excited about attending any event in the TD Bank GAHDEN!   Now mind you this is a fairly new facility - but there is ZERO leg room and people are pigs!  The ladies room was disgusting - beer cups thrown everywhere - I think part of the problem may have been that the less expensive the seat - the more uncomfortable they make it for you - I have been to other games this year - sat in better seats and had better experiences.  I did snap a couple pictures while there; however Ms.Bee has forgotten how to download pictures off her cell phone so you won't get to see what pig's people are!  At least not today!

Our other hockey adventures were held this weekend on Cape Cod Massachusetts!  The annual Lobster Pot Tournament was held with 83 teams participating - t'was a beautiful weekend in the 70's - really a bonus in March for folks from these parts - a good time was had by all!

Here is Happy Tara with her Lobster Hat!

Here is Happy Matt - always happy on the ice!

There was one blip on the radar that I would like to address - crazy hockey parents!  There is always one bunch out there who ruins it for everyone else!  In our case we played a team from a very affluent area in Massachusetts and these were the worst behaved parents I have ever encountered.  It just goes to show that money can't by class!  What kind of parent encourages their child to "take out" "check him" "hit him" or "trip him" at the Mite level which consists of 7-9 year olds?  Mite level is NO CHECK! They really make it that way so little guys and girls don't get hurt!  It's a rough sport and most rational adults don't want to see their little love bugs get hurt!  Really I was absolutely astonished at the behavior of these parents.  They give hockey parents a bad name!  I think they all received one of these before entering the arena:

When they all should probably have been given these:

And that's all I have to say today - later in the week I hope to talk about something else besides hockey because really I should have one of these:


  1. You are a better woman than me - I can't bite my tongue around obnoxious asses like that and always end up saying something snide and dismissive to them! (I meant the parents - not your cute lobster-wearing friend!)

  2. I think the coaches should have a little chat with the parents about "zero tolerance" of unsportsmanlike behavior. And then ban the parents from the arena if they shout crap like that!

  3. It is always a shame to see parents with bad sportsmanship. It doesn't bode well for their child. These are the children who are going to grow up and run the country someday. And they've been taught to be bullies with bad behavior. Scary.