Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thirsty Thursday?

Ok - everyone seems to have a blogging day lately and I don't have one!  We have Meg's "I can't help myself Friday" and Dawn in Austin's "Wordless Wednesday" - I wanna play too! 

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday at Ain't Miss Beehaven - Thirsty Thursday's will be reserved for some random thoughts as well as the beverage of choice for "Happy Hour" - maybe everyone will share their beverage of choice for that day and share any delightful summer time concoctions?  

This 1st "Thirsty Thursday" will be in memory of my friend John who passed away recently - he introduced me to Thirsty Thursday's when I first started working with him - RIP John and hope you are enjoying your Thirsty Thursday today!

Happy Hour at my house starts immediately after all children's activities - usually Pat has a Lacrosse game on Thursdays and depending on how good or bad the team does will usually dictate what the cocktail will be!  I'm hoping today will be a good game for the Hawk boys and I'll maybe have a couple of these later on!

If not - maybe a couple of these:

This is Pat last week - looking a little lonely in the offensive zone - that's because the other team kinda of whalloped our Hawk team - that's ok - we're a first year Varsity Team - gotta expect to take some lumps!

So - Good luck to Pat and his team today - Go Hawks!  Hope everyone enjoys their Thirsty Thursday!


  1. I think I like Thirsty Thursday....Hard to Type, Hard to say....I guess after all that a cocktail is in order!

    Your right about Matthew's Teeth....I hope he can hang on to that retainer too!

  2. Rock on, Miss Bee! I love thirsty Thursday! Heck, I love thirsty Monday too, but let's not go there!
    What will be my beverage of choice? Well, I'm saving my blue margarita for my Rhino outing with my girls, so tonight will likely be a Sam light or a glass of wine. Hope Pat kicks ass at his game!

  3. Can I be thirsty every day? Tonight was wine, I am hoping tomorrow will reap a batch of margaritas!

  4. We have Thursday Thisters in S.C. and that is the night that my knitting gals go out for dinner and laughs. I enjoy reading what you are up to these days? Who bullied you from Maynard? It is not too late for Mrs. Foley to give them a tongue lashing. I bet you had the last laugh.

  5. Well, let's see...anything with vodka is usually good. Love wine, mostly reds but the occasional crisp chardonnay. And then on Friday....

  6. Haha - Mrs.F - you would be shocked at what went on back then! It's all good - I run into one of these woman every now and again and I stare her down - I know it makes her uncomfortable - she looks like life might not be treating her very well! Oh well - what goes around comes around!