Friday, April 9, 2010

What's wrong with society?

This story is really bothering me - maybe because I was once the victim of bullying.  Was this really necessary?  This happened in my home state of Mass - which pains me even more because I represent this state and my oldest son is in high school and he tells me this kind of thing doesn't happen in his school - he tells me the Seniors are nice to the younger kids and don't do this sort of thing.  Now I must tell you I have trouble believing in a school of 1200 that this doesn't happen but really what the hell? 

Here is Phoebe Prince - cute girl who moved here with her famiy from Ireland - the nice kids in Mass/America harassed her to the point of suicide.  This poor girl complained to school authorities that she was scared and they sent her back to class!  She took her own life after enduring months of abuse........God rest her soul.

I was once bullied like Phoebe - I endured months of abuse by a bunch of senior girls while I was a freshman.  Mostly I think because I was popular, a jock, and was being courted by a senior boy - a no-no I guess - I stood up to these girls and said "go ahead take your best shot" - nobody did.........times were different back then - this was 1979 - girls didn't really beat other girls up - but I can tell you I was scared - I hated walking to school - I knew every day that I would run into these girls.  Here's the funny thing - One of these girls tried to befriend me years later, one was my cousins sister in law - one of these girls I keep seeing in the grocery store 1 town over from where I grew up - she glares at me and I glare at her - she is a scum bag who looks like she just crawled out of the sewer, really!  I kid you not!  I still seeth every time I see her - and it seems to be more than I'd like lately - Note to self:  Alter shopping habits and times!

Rest is peace Phoebe Prince - and I hope these kids who tortured you get punished for what they did - it's wrong and nobody deserves to be treated that way. 


  1. I blame their parents. Mean, nasty kids learn it at home. And you go girl for standing up to the mean beeyotches!!

  2. Never an excuse for being rude, mean or hurting someone else simply because you don't like something about them. These are sad and troubled people and the school admin. did nothing to correct their behavior which becomes intolerable given their positions of authority. I'd like to say let's move on and do better but a young girl is dead and her family is suffering her loss and will always suffer. I hope a price is paid for all this pain caused by hateful jealousy. Hopefully, this incident will bring attention to a huge problem with young people who bully and torment others.

  3. Tough subject. I too was bullied in school - a teacher go tin the act in my case. It was brutal. Later in years my son endured the same, WORSE treatment.

    Our oldest son once told us that he was afraid to tell us what was going on in school for fear of the repercussions later. He was pleased to know that we did all we could to protect him and his siblings.

    We where fortunate and could afford to pull him out. We then placed him into a private school and I started a campaign there against bullying. Some people listened; some didn't. Today due to the internet and cell phones parents are listening more.

    With my other children; we've decided to home school. Until we can see a change in our school system where kids can feel safe; we will continue to school them at home therefore picking the kids and influence we want them to have. Many feel that it's a drastic move but one we are willing to make.

    My heart breaks for all that were involved in this girls tragedy and others like her. I often think of how close we could have come with my sons torment.

    I too hope that there is a strong example made. God bless.

  4. HI Bee,
    I was very suprised to hear that this happened in Hadley, Ma. Bullying is a big problem and my heart ached for the family of this girl. These days with the text messaging etc. it is a tough time to be a kid.
    Mrs Foley