Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's have a vote on a VERY important issue!

Well -  a couple of weekends ago, just as Ms.Bee was getting ready to head to Cape Cod for a hockey shebang  - Mr.Weatherman predicted unseasonably warm temperatures - that's all Ms.Bee needed to hear to break out the flip flops and sandels!  Woohoo!  However, when Ms.Bee went to her closet - she forgot that the Man's Man cleaned the closet a few weeks back - and when she opened the closet ALL of Ms.Bee's shoes were nowhere to be found!  Ms.Bee was agast!  Where are my shoe's MAN?????

Well the Man's Man said he'd get them for me, he just had to go look - that was clue #1 that the Man's Man didn't know where Ms.Bee's shoes were - and if Ms.Bee's intuition was correct - Ms.Bee knew that her shoes were gone forever.  Yes, it's true - the Man's Man has a VERY BAD habit of throwing away important things that belong to Ms.Bee.  Since this is not the first time the MAN has thrown things away Ms.Bee was pretty sure that she no longer had 12 or so pairs of shoes in the closet.  Not cheap one's either, some Dansko clogs - things from the walking company - some Clarks - things that help Ms.Bee move about the cabin with the least amount of foot pain!  Alas the flip flops were not to be - because THE MAN did in fact throw away Ms.Bee's shoes - he apologized - said it was a mistake - however Ms.Bee was mad! 

Now I will no longer bore you with the details of the shoe fall out, Ms.Bee just wants to know:  If your significant other threw your entire shoe collection away would you be mad?

I'll check in later - I think I'm going to go shoe shopping!


  1. Considering my shoe collection consists of more than 50 pairs and cost thousands of dollars, the answer is HELL YES!!!

  2. Since I don't own a single pair of comfortable shoes (bad feet, it's really sad). I would say
    "wHOO-Hoo! New Shoes!"