Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chinese Torture

So this morning Ms.Bee had an EMG test done in the big city.  Not that they aren't lots of completely fine hospitals closer  - I just have been unable to find a Dr who can diagnose my foot pain so I ventured to the big city on a friends recommendation!  So Ms. Bee's Dr at the big city hospital sent her for an EMG test.  What is an EMG test you ask?  Be vwey vwey afraid..........

An electromyogram (EMG) is a test that is used to record the electrical activity of muscles. When muscles are active, they produce an electrical current. This current is usually proportional to the level of the muscle activity.

This is part of what it looked like:

Do you see that TASER the Dr is holding?  I am pretty sure that's what they were doing to me - TASERING ME - yes sir - I am sure of it - and let me tell you - Ms.Bee has no intention of getting in trouble with the PO-lice and getting herself tasered - I surrender - here and NOW!

On top of the constant tasering of my feet and legs - the Dr, who just happened to be chinese - also stuck needles in my calfs, shins, thighs, hips, back and BUTT!  Yes, it's true - that didn't hurt as bad as the hip or thigh but HOLY MOTHER OF GOD - what a fricking form of torture!  It is not for the faint at heart!

After spending all morning and 1/2 the afternoon being tasered, Ms.Bee raced home to get little Matt off the bus!  She then took little Matt on a few errands and now her nerves are SHOT!

I feel like this and there are not enough of these to calm the nerves!


  1. I'm sorry you had to have that done.
    I had that done on my arm and hand. Then I went to the ladies room and sat on the floor and cried for 20 minutes. Lord, that thing hurt! Then I walked from Mass General to the Park St station and took the bus back to the Cape.

    It WAS torture, but at least it proved that I had nerve damage in my neck and my tricep.

  2. LMSS - you and I have alot of the same troubles? Is it the water we drink here in ma? Or the air we breathe? I hope I will get some answers from the test anyway - but the funny thing is - since I have had the test - my foot doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it has for the last year - is it possible they "zapped" the nerve?????