Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help - I need rehab!

Ms. Bee spent her morning at the dentist and then at her local coffee cafe - nice little place on main st with comfy chairs and FREE Wi-fi - why the wi-fi you ask?  Because Ms.Bee's router crapped out last night - and because of Mr.Director of IT's major pain in the ass hookup - Ms.Bee took her trusty laptop down to the local coffee cafe after Mr.Dentist and spent 2 hours catching up with the world!  I had  a nice iced coffee and a very tasty chicken panini - then came home after lunch and took a snooze!

I actually have had a headache all day and not felt well - I think because I didn't have my morning fix of news via the computer in my PJ's!  I had to shower - go to the dentist - and then trek downtown to the coffee cafe!   I was having internet withdrawals!

It's 9:00 PM - Mr.Director of IT has just installed new router and Ms.Bee has her internet again!  Whew - Thank God!  I was about to implode!

Forget Jenny Craig or Betty Ford - I think I need a serious intervention - someone call Dr.Phil!  I need help!

Thank you Ariba Coffee!  My new favorite place in town!


  1. Other than the headache, and the dentist, and having no internet, it sounds like a perfect day!

  2. Sometime it's good to escape to your local hangout for perspective!

  3. When I moved in with a friend last year, I discovered she had DIAL-UP. I couldn't believe it. The person who has everything didn't have, didn't want DSL.

    I can live without cable. I can live without TV. I can live without radio.

    I cannot live without DSL or some form or another of high-speed internet. I *have* to have my internet fix.

    First thing I had installed when I moved, three weeks ago? DSL. Still don't have cable. Still don't have TV. I watch Dancing with the Stars via computer, and it works for me.