Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Rants

Beep Beep - This is the Emergency Broadcast System - If this were an actual emergency........STOP, Wait - THIS IS AN ACTUAL Emergency - Ms.Bee is out of booze - beer and wine!  (well except for the stuff we don't like)!  Excuse me while I run down the street for some beer and wine at least!  Be right back..........

Ok - Ah - I'm back - fresh cold beer in hand.............now I can continue with my Tuesday rantings........

I'll start by saying I have been pretty faithful to my new gym membership and I'm feeling better - I feel more energized, alert, and better able to handle stress - which is a daily part of my life with the 3 boys!  Ah - 2 boys and 1 grown up boy!

This morning I was watching The View and as usual wanted to reach into the TV and grab Elizabeth Hasselbeck by the throat - Lord that Beeot-ch bothers me!  What the hell is wrong with her?  They were discussing the oil crisis in the gulf and she was all over The President - what the hell does she expect him to do - wave a magic wand and make the oil stop flowing?  Ah Hello Elizabeth - what did Ole' GW do when Katrina hit the gulf?  Oh crap let's not go there - let's just say that no President is God - they can't fix disasters with the wave of a wand - you DIMwit - get off my TV!


I went to visit an old friend the other day who I grew up with.  She's a sweetheart and her oldest son who is graduating this weekend was diagnosed recently with a brain tumor.  Right after he was diagnosed she lost her Mom to cancer.

John is quite a kid, I am amazed by his courage and attitude - he was also voted Prom King the other night - how awesome is that!  His prognosis is excellent but this summer is gonna suck for him - on the bright side I KNOW he and his parents are thankful that we live where we do and he can be treated at some of the best hospitals in the world!  You go John!

Oh - one more thing:



  1. You are SOO right about the Hassle-Beeotch! Her knee-jerk conservatism makes me want to puke. And godspeed and good luck to your friend's son. AND THE CELTICS!!! Kick some Kobe butt!

  2. Elisabeth sends me into orbit every time she opens her mouth! I could seriously stuff a sock in it.

  3. Yo Yo Lombardi! Definitely sending good wishes to your friend's son. how sad. Amazing how things like that put our 'so called problems' into perspective. Anyhoo, Kobe sucks and I hate that damn pansy-ass Gasol. Totally bummed that they lost last night. I'm paying for it today; of course stayed up for the whole thing and then got up at 5:15 for the gym. I've got issues but let's not go there. Tomorrow they'd better pull a win out of their a----!