Friday, June 11, 2010

Thirsty Friday

Have you noticed my blog has been green for the last few days?  That's because my Boston Celtic's are in the Championship against the dreaded Fakers whoops I mean Lakers!   I removed Bossy's No Book Tour picture since her book tour is officially over AND....I didn't even get to visit with her because I was sick!

Check out Glen "Big Baby" Davis here last night - little drool going on there with ya Big Baby huh?

Do you know how much Boston fans despise LA fans?  I contemplated putting up the F_ _ _Kobe banner but thought better - I don't want to offend anyone with my bad language!

I will just tell you that here in Boston - Kobe and company are basically hated - because here in Boston we don't pretend to "dislike" - we are passionate and therefore - hate!  When I was a kid I used to watch Larry Bird, Keven McHale, Robert Parrish and company kick some Magic and Kurt Rambis butt - remember big Kurt with his goofy glasses?  I had family in LA and still do - they're big Laker fans - they don't know any better - and I find most LA fans really don't know alot about the game - they just like the "show" of it all.  It's all about being seen in LA!

So go Celtics - BEAT LA and beat 'em bad!

In other news I went to the Zoo the other day with 18 1st graders............I had to come home and have a drink!  Oh my I SO have an appreciation for teachers!


  1. Davis had a great game last night!! Go Green!

  2. Shrek and Donkey...very funny, Meg! I loved that, and of course the radio peeps are dogging them for it. Whatever. If it keeps them loose and working together, who gives a rat's a--? I can't wait for the game tonight. This day is going to drag. And yeah, Lombardi...I SOOOO remember that dork Rambis. Gasol has taken his place. He looks about as athletic as Fat Albert. Just sayin'... GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!