Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thirsty Saturday

I know - I know - I missed Thirsty Thursday...............again!  Miss Bee was busy with Miss Meg from Designs by Meg taking care of "I can't walk Nana!"  I'm sure you've all read that Nana hurt her foot and is layed up on Cape Cod with a swollen blue foot!  We had much to do while there and Nana could really use a second pair of hands and another Dr!  Clowns is all I will say!

On another note - Ms.Bee and family are getting ready to venture south ya'll!  So starting Wednesday - I will be flying South to Orlando for a visit at Disney first - while there I hope to get a blog in on the adventures of Swiss Family Explosion!  We will then head North to Pensacola to visit with family and I hope to blog more about the mess that's been made up in that area from BP.  We will be visiting with my favorite brother and sister inlaw and blog a bit from their camp!  There will be much to discuss you can be sure of that!

Here is my brother inlaw last week during a ride for the Vietnam Veteran's Wall somewhere in northern Flordia - He's really Sthrong! :)

He is the guy at the end of the video who says there is a really "sthrong secure feeling" - I think the heat got to him! 

What-eva you say Uncle Nick - we'll see YA'LL next weekend!  Prepare to qualify!

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