Saturday, July 17, 2010

The New Adventures of Old Miss Bee - Part 1

Miss Bee is back!  Miss Bee is SO glad to be home!  Miss Bee enjoyed her vacation but let's face it - a vacation is not really a vacation when traveling with kids!  It's more like a trip!  I must have said Matt and Patrick a hundrend times, "Stop it", "cut it out", "leave your hands to yourself" - etc etc - Finally I resorted to SHUT UP!  Really I did!  With a few expletives thrown in!   I really can't stand kids fighting - and these 2 cherubs go at it sometimes and it drives me INSANE!

A few tidbits from our trip to Florida..........

We spent a few nights at the lovely Caribe Royale in Orlando - if you are traveling in that area I highly recommend this hotel.  It was so much better than the Disney hotel we had booked prior to finding this! 

For $105 per night we got a suite with 2 queen beds and a living area, the hotel itself was very clean and had many food choices, we ate breakfast and dinner there one day - both were good.  The pool area was very nice, clean and had good drinks - a MUST for Miss Bee when traveling with children - (and without too if I must be honest)!

Here are the cherubs at Disney - truth be told I don't think my kids are Disney kinda kids - it was very hot that day - so hot we decided not to do another park the following day and instead went to Downtown Disney were Matthew LOVED the Lego store and got himself a tattoo of Captain Jack!

I think Pat liked eating at the Rainforest cafe - he is smiling big here!

Why do people go ga-ga for Disney?  I had a nice time with the kids and have been a few times prior - I don't know, maybe I'm getting old - but I just preferred hanging at the lovely pool and watching Matt swim!  For $75.00 a day I would much rather have my nails buffed and my back rubbed!  Just sayin'!

After a few days in Orlando we drove north - to The Redneck Riviera - for some family time with my brother inlaw and sister inlaw!  We bonded with the President who was visiting and he modeled my sister inlaws beach hat - which I just happen to like so much that I bought myself one as well!

They live near Pensacola Florida and I don't think I need to remind anyone about what's going on there!  More on that in Part 2 of the New Adventures of Old Miss Bee - with a subheading of "Look and see what BP has done to our beautiful beaches and other ramblings"


  1. Welcome back from the heat to - oh wait, the heat! Lucky you vacationing with President O'Boyfriend.

  2. 102 in Denver yesterday! Let's hope it cools off in NYC for our big adventure!

  3. Oh, and I love the new background for the blog!

  4. You know what I used to call vacationing with kids?

    Same Sh$#..different location!

  5. Welcome back, Lombardi! Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation. Isn't that always the way? Glad you got a little R&R at least at the pool; not so much at Disney. That place is crazy. Not my thing either, really.
    Love Little Miss Sunshine's reply. teeheehee!