Monday, July 26, 2010

A Jersey Shore afternoon

Ok I admit it - I turned into Mrs Snagglepuss this weekend - I sat in the house all day yesterday, I cleaned a bit, cooked a bit and then I turned on the TV - my only problem is a wish I hadn't because I ended up watching a whole afternoon of The Jersey Shore - haven't seen it yet?  It's mind blowing, thought provoking TV!

Our girl Snooki - AKA Snooks will attest to this!

Yes it's true - I've turned into a TV junkie over night!  You see it's not so much that I like TV - it's the damn heat that got to me damn it - damn it to hell!  I HATE the heat!  So Ms. Bee decided since it was very humid outside hat she was going to protest the weather and stay inside all day in her nice cool house!  Somehow she got herself caught up watching these idiots who call themselves, Snooki, Mike "The situation", Pauly D, JWow and so on!  What a bunch of fricking morons!  The only one here that I could see who actually has half a brain in his head didn't have a nickname - he called himself Vinnie - imagne that, just plain old Vinnie - Yo Yo Vinnie - Yo Momma is calling you - she wants you to go to law school instead of trying to become an actor - and you know yo Momma is always right - so take my advice and Just do it!  If u smatah' enough to get 'cepted at law school then you smatah 'nough to go!

Here's Vinnie and the rest of the "cast" - or cast of characters!

My boy Vinnie is on the far left end - he's the one without tattoo's!  Hmmmm.....

One last thought..............Hey Snooks - put your boobs away will you please?  They are like weapons in flight!


  1. Oh no! You succumbed to the Shore! I haven't seen it but I think just seeing Snooki tells me everything I need to know!

  2. Snooki's a perfect storm of boobs, hair, hook-ups and simpleton vulnerability. I love her!