Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm back Mon!

Hey all 5 of my peeps who read my blog!  I'm back!  Jamaica was awesome Mon!  Yeah Mon!  More on my Jamaican Shenanigans later in the week - I wanted to post some nice pictures of my oldest baby who made his Confirmation into the Catholic Church Saturday before I left.  Now before anyone gets too goofy on me about this church's my upshot on that - I was born a poor white Catholic girl - really - we were brought before the Father every Sunday for Mass - all dressed up in our little dresses and gloves - it is true!

Pat with Mom and Dad!

I was married in the Catholic Church - my children were Baptized in the Catholic Church - my oldest child went to Catholic school - and then the SH*T hit the fan and I sorta got dis-enchanted..........I really had to ask myself what I believed - I will put it all out there right now and say I whole heartedly believe in birth control, a womans right to choose abortion if she so choose, I do NOT believe it should be used as a form of birth control.  I believe gay people should be gay if they want to - some of my good friends are gay and I wouldn't want them any other way.    So then I had to ask myself "well Bridget - are you a good Catholic?" - and for a long time I said to myself  "Girl - you are NOT a good Catholic - you don't believe what is being taught".......but then I sorta got over that - and just said you know what, you gotta teach you kids religion no matter what - because I firmly believe in Jesus Christ.  I believe there is a higher power.  I believe my Dad went to heaven when he took his last breath - I believe he is dancing with the Angels and all those that left before him.  I believe there is a great big party going on and while I love a good party I would like to wait a little longer to go to that one - even though I miss my Dad terribly!

When the time came for Patrick to attend confirmation classes I left the decision up to him.  I didn't insist he go and be confirmed because at that point 2 years ago I was still questioning my own association with the Catholic Church - I told my Mother I was going to South Carolina to join the only God Mother I ever knew and be a Unitarian! (my real God Mother died when I was a baby - our old neighbor and good friend stepped in when I was a young girl and told me she would be my God Mother - she always treated me like one of her own - even though she had 7 of her own - another good Catholic!)  I wanted to sing and hold hands and praise Jesus because that's how they do it in the South!  We good Catholics don't do that - we're boring and stiff!

So know that all 5 of you know my Catholic background - my boy was confirmed last weekend right before I left for Jamaica - I was very proud of him and he brought tears to my eyes!   I wonder if he will bring up his children Catholic????????  Time will tell!  I don't care either way - just show them something - and FYI - I'm in no hurry to be a Grandmother!  Hold off on that thought for another 10 years at least!

Pat and his girlfriend Lindsey and Matt!

The whole Family!

Pat and his Godparents!


  1. Now THAT looks like a family I could tip the glass with. Good looking family unit. Now on Catholic. I was confirmed with the name of Peter. I went to catholic school worthy of several HUNDRED posts. So like, I get it. Looking forward to the islands pics mon.

  2. BTW, wall paint color and the new furniture looks great.

  3. Yeah Ron Mon you get it - hahaha! It's some crazy stuff!

    I forgot to add that after Confirmation Mass we went to dinner at the Historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury MA. My Mom's Uncle worked here and took my Mom here when she was a little girl - it's a great place if you are every in this neck of the woods!

  4. I'm with you Sister. Not the "nun" kind of sister. I made the first one get confirmed and when it was time for the second one I was in my stage of not wanting to be a hypocrite or asking my child to be a hypocrite. So I guess the Catholics in my family are dying out with me. The kids have a faith and spiritual beliefs but are totally turned off by organized religion.

    I'll have to see what happens when they get married and have kids of their own.

  5. The photos turned out surprisingly nice of all of us for a change! It's good to be Patrick's spiritual leader!

  6. What a lovely family! And good on your for bringing up your children with the belief of a higher power and the right to choose how they wish to worship It.

    My daughter in law is Catholic, but my son did not convert. She loves him anyway. They have said their kids will be raised Catholic. I'm sure, like you, when it comes to confirmation time, they will let them decide.

    And P.S. I am SO ready for grandbabies!! I'd convert for that! LOL

  7. I've known many Catholics who for one reason or another left the Church at some point in their lives and yet when the chips are down, the 'Hail Mary' and 'Act of Contrition' were in their hearts....cannot erase DNA and I think the Catholic gene is just that - a part of us never to be forgotton. It was a good choice and who said the Church was right about everything? Just the important stuff - Jesus Christ, the Son, Christmas, Easter and life everlasting in heaven. We believe....a great gift!!