Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Thirsty Thursday - Let's put our feet up and have a little Jamaican rum punch shall we?

So last week Ms.Bee hopped a plane to Jamaica Mon!  It was all good - I liked Jamaica Mon - the folks were nice - the company was great and we all had a nice little rest away from "the boys"!

This is a little small - I "stole" this from another friend - this is my good friend Terri and I - Terri and I have been friends since Grade 1?  We grew up together and have remained friends since childhood!  Yo Terri - we're stylin in Jamaica Mon!  Me with my braids!

Here's the whole crew having a 'Princess Party"!

And PLEASE - Mother of God and all that is good - would you please NOT do this in Jamaica in case you go and you're a little (or alot) ont he heavy side!

When all else fails - sell aloe that sits on yourhead Mon!


  1. When can I go? I need to go! I must go! It's imperative that I go!!! You should have arranged for Moms to go! We could have stayed elsewhere, for God's sake! Good for you! But, can I go next time? Your loving Mom

  2. You mean you didn't hit the nude beach?!

  3. Are you punking us with that shot of the woman in the lounge chair? No she didn't?

  4. I thought you were going to Jamaica with your husband. Much more fun to go with a gaggle of girlfriends!! AWESOME!

    No offense to present husbands. I was just sayin.