Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ms.Bee issues a Mea Maxima Culpa

See this lady:

This is Ms.Meg:

Mea Maxima Culpa = My MOST fault!  Mr.Bee is issuing a Mia MAXIMA culpa to Ms.Meg today because never before - EVER has Ms.Bee forgot Ms.Meg's birthday - and guess what Ms.Bee did?  Yup - she forgot the best sister in the worlds birthday!  I am a f*cking idiot!  Ms.Meg's birthday was October 14th - today is Nov 3rd - Ah does something seem amiss here?  Yes - again see above - Ms.Bee is a f'ing idiot!

So - Dear Best Sister in the World - please forgive me - I have had my head up my ass and forgot - I make no excuses and tell the truth............

So - I do have a little something for you - please forgive me????


  1. To tell you the truth I didn't even give it a second thought! Seriously, when you start to climb over the "fitty-cent" mark it becomes s "non-event". But thanks for the belated b-day wish!

  2. Maybe if you bought her some wine or vodka?

  3. Haha - I can't afford her tastes! Just kidding - sorta! Wine or vodka would be for a friend but not my sista! She's my Sees-sta!

  4. Ron - I know I suck - I'm a horrible sister!

  5. ...okay, I'm not really disappointed. You can come out now. Looking forward to seeing you with a tan from the islands mon.