Monday, November 1, 2010

Fricking Freaky Friday and Monday Musings......

On Friday Ms.Bee thought she'd venture out sore throat and all to get some errands done!  Ms.Bee first headed West to the "Christmas Tree Shop".  For those who live outside of NE - The CSS is a store full of junk and decorative seasonal items - Ms.Bee was in the market for 2 fake trees to put on her front steps for the Christmas Season - check - mission accomplish - but not before she lost her sanity trying to dodge the elderly, the mindless and the idiots!

Next stop in her tangled web - BJ's Wholesale Club - Ms.Bee had coupons - and lots of stuff to purchase - so got in with her carriage and took the place by storm - but not before she battled the morons in the parking lot - trying to get out was even worse - a woman with the baby buggy style carriage stopped right in Ms.Bee's way and she was exiting the register - and Ms.Bee could not move - Mrs.Moron left her carriage and went back to her cashier for something - while Ms.Bee stood there in everyone's way!  Finallly Ms.Bee said "ah - can you move please" - Mrs. Moron got the picture!

Next stop - the grocery store where Ms.Bee encountered a serious Mr.Doofus standing in the middle of the dairy aisle examining the fine print on the store brand individual yogurts - each and every one!  

Again Ms.Been stood there for a minute trying not to say something that would let these idiots know that they're idiots!  Why do I stand there looking aggravated?  Why not yell "Hey Moron - move your fricking cart" - I honestly think I might do this some day - I just pray my Mother isn't with me! 

I do NOT get it!  They're everywhere!  Savoir-Faire was everywhere too right?  But he didn't bother me!

Finally I got to the register and the cashier asked me if I'd like to donate to the local food bank - and I said why yes - I will donate $5.00 - she was so shocked she thanked me up and down - so Ms.Bee asked her - "why are you so thankful to me - the money is going to the local food bank?"  Cashier replied "oh you can't believe how many people get so mad when we ask them" - and then I said - "well I wonder how those folks would like to have to shop at the food bank for their food - and wonder if they'll be able to put a nice dinner on the table at the holidays" - she agreed and wished me a nice weekend!   I will continue to donate to the food bank weekly until they stop's my way of helping out without breaking the bank!

On a savings note:  Ms.Bee took Mr.Teenager shopping for some "stylin" clothing this weekend - IE - jacket and tie kinda clothing - Ms.Bee spent a total of $110.00 for a sport jacket, pants, shirt, tie and belt.........a total savings of $168.00 - Ms.Bee loves a good sale!!!!!!  Now Ms.Bee needs to drive 35 miles this morning to exchange the jacket for the correct size at another store - that is the price you pay for a great sale and 20 percent additional savings!

On a mental note:  Jamaica is this coming Sunday............Need I say more???


  1. By the time you get to BJ's my shopping Polio would be setting in. I tell the Little Woman, yeah, ga-head, get what you need. You don't need me along. Like I'm going to prevent that from occurring anyway.

  2. I miss CTS for cheapo holiday decorations and cheapo picture frames and cheapo bulbs for the garden and get the idea!

    I also miss BJ's because we only have Costco and they don't take coupons. WTF Costco??