Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh HELLO strangers.............

Hello - knock knock anybody home?  Doubtful since I have posted here in what seems like an eternity!

Well - I have a few things to say!  Ready?

Would you believe it's only snowed once this week - just a few inches!  Amazing!  Everything is frozen solid and my floor (my 3 year old wood floor in my 3 year old family room) has buckled by the back door!  Yup - it's buckled alright!  Not only that but it's under the kitchen floor for sure because I stood on a tile the other day and it popped!  Ah shit - oh well - life goes on!  It'll get fixed!  The insurance company is taking their sweet time getting back to me - but when they want their payment they WANT IT RIGHT NOW! 

It seems that I have been very busy since I started working again even though I am working PT.  I never seem to have enough hours in the day but am thinking about going to 25 hours which will give me a bit more time at home and my boss is totally supportive of this which is great - I just need to think things thru a bit more and will make it happen soon!

Have I mentioned I am thinking about adopting another dog?  I know I'm insane - but Carson is getting older and I don't want to be left with no dog when his time comes - I will be too sad to carry on if I don't have a dog in my life - the children on the other hand.........oh never mind I love them too!

The Man's Man is outside in full combat gear chipping ice out of the gutters...............winter SUCKS!  And I will never ever complain again about summer (at least not here) - because this winter had just bit the big one!  Seriously way too cold - too snowy, too icy, too messy, too everything!  ENOUGH with Winter!  You know what a good sign of spring is in these parts?  The Truck!  Yes the truck!  "The Truck" left Boston the other day for Fort you all know what I'm talking about right?  Good!  I knew you would!

Ok - Well tonight is the Grammy Awards - maybe if I am on the ball tomorrow I can attempt a review of the best/worst dressed for pure entertainment purposes of course!

And now - back to the kitchen - chili is cooking - omelets have been eaten and now - up next - Cupcakes for Matts hockey team!  Whatever has happened to Ms.Bee over this winter is not good - Ms.Bee does not bake much - she's more of a Barefoot Contessa kinda gal - baking is wrong on so many levels.........I think I have a severe case of Winter Sucks because not only do I not bake very often - I want to adopt a dog - and guess what else?  The Mans' Man says no - he says we should get a Puppy!  Next thing you know I'll be dieting!  Oh Lord I hate dieting!


  1. Go for an adult dog, puppies will eat everything.

  2. Yes! Go for the older rescue. We had a lab puppy in obedience school this weekend and he was like a hurricane swirling through the room!

    Did Joe have as much fun as Leo hacking ice out of the gutters? We had to have a backhoe come in and move snowbanks last week!