Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have some news to share

She arrives from Indiana next Saturday where will will pick her up in Connecticut!  Her name is Cassie!  She's a sweet girl who was used for breeding but really needs love!  She is coming via the pet bus!  If you get a chance check out the bus - what a riot!

We are all so excited - can't wait to meet my new girl!

In case anyone is wondering - this transaction is 100% Zadge approved!

And one more thing..............if anybody finds my mind - please send it back - because surely I have lost it!


  1. YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AWW - now Jack will have to meet his other cousin! Are you going to keep Cassie name? She is adorable!

  3. OMG - Yes, the mind is a terrible thing to lose and what is Mr. Carson going to say/think/do? Good Luck to the Lombardi Home for Dogs and People Who Have Lost Their Mind!!!

  4. Congrats!! Welcome to animal rescue heaven. She sure is purty.

  5. Labs are the best, have one myself even.

  6. I think you DESERVE to have another female in the house.
    She looks sweet.