Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm longing for spring/summer.......

Daffodils in bloom..........

A cold cocktail on the deck.........

A fire on the patio on a Friday night.........

The sound of the birds chirping........

The smell of freshly cut grass.......

A grilled steak with some grilled vegies......

The sound of the Ice Cream truck............(I'm tentative on this one)

The sand between my toes at the beach..............

Good pool parties and barbeques!

The sun shining until 8:00PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about you?  What are you longing for?


  1. The beach. Even though I'm in The Sunshine State, it's still a little too windy at the beach. Mom and I tried, but we got sandblasted and only lasted half an hour.

  2. Wishing you would join your Sistas in San Diego!!!

  3. A set of Yosemite Sam mud flaps for my truck.

    But that's me.

  4. All of the above, extra cocktails on the side!

  5. LMSS - Try again in a few weeks!

    Zadge - sorry - wish I could - maybe next time!

    Yosemite Sam mud flaps - NOW that's REDNECK Ron! :) PS - I love him!

    Meg - Extra extra cocktails!

  6. I'm perfect right now, except time, I need me more of that.

  7. ooo ooo- pick me! My house, free of one lazy POS roommate...some peace and quiet in my very own home.
    BTW, can't wait to meet Cassie. and oh yeah, someone's got a birthday coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think a visit to the Shoe may be in order soon...

  8. Mrs. Tuna - we're all short on time huh? That's why we live in the moment no?

    Miss Sawin weighs in! Yo yo Cheri's in da'house! :) Hey Cheri - you haven't popped in in a long time - welcome back!

  9. All of the above!
    Congrats on your new girl! I love her name.

    I'm told spring isn't too far away. I'm hoping!