Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday - The Pre-Spring Edition

Greetings Fellow Bloggers and Blogettes!

It's been awhile hasn't it?  Ms.Bee has been busy as a Bee!  We picked up our lab rescue Cassie last weekend and she is such a sweet girl!  The poor dog was just used for breeding and making puppies and then dropped like a hot potato after she served her purpose!  We are making her a home and giving her love and she is eating it up!  Carson is adjusting to his new girlfriend and I think somewhat enjoying having another dog around!

Ms.Bee celebrated another birthday yesterday - she tried to keep it quiet and low key but the Man's Man had other ideas and sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to work - so she decided to embrace the birthday - my Dad always said it is better to celebrate a birthday than the alternative - very wise words!

Charlile Sheen - what's up man?  The guys elevator is stuck in between floors huh?  Whadup Charlie?  You need some meds dude and I don't mean the street kind!

Ms.Bee got her hair cut and colored yesterday and can I just tell you that like Bossy I love my gays too!  Dustin rocks in the hair dept and has given Ms.Bee a bit of a new 'doo - it's short in the back and longer on the sides and takes Ms.Bee like 5 minutes to dry and style!  I'm lovin it!  I am no longer having a mid life hair crisis and feeling the need to have long hair that I never had anyway!  I think I've been about 4 times now to the new hair place and I'm feeling the love from the gays at the hair salon!  I think they love me too since I'm not all judgement and ask about their boyfriends!  Love - it makes the world go around no matter what!

The price of gas is killing us all huh?  WTF?  Fricking Middle East is a war zone fricking mess!  I am definately noticing that this has driven up the price of food - which is never good at this house since we all eat alot and like good food!  Had to make a BJ's run today!

And I know some of you are experiencing Spring in your area - us here in the Northeast not so much - however I heard a warmup is on the way this weekend - and all I can say is YEEHAW!  Because if Spring doesn't spring soon - it's gonna get ugly around here!


  1. More photos of Cassie please!!!

  2. Thirsty Thursday? Every day should be thirsty lately! I can't wait to meet Cassie and celebrate your birthday, too!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEE!!!! I missed it futzing with computers.

  4. Another birthday down, and many more to come. So glad the new pup is settling in.

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    My new house in DC has a bunch of stuff popping up out of the ground. The lady who owns the house is quite the gardner. I can't wait to see all the pretty blooms!