Thursday, March 17, 2011

St.Patricks Day

Top of the afternoon to you bloggers!  Happy St.Patrick's day and all that good stuff!

So do you know that in Ireland St.Patricks day is a Holy Day of Obligation?  In the United States it's a Holy day of Drunkeness! 

Did you know he is said to be buried next to St.Brigid?  Tis true - but of course!

He is the Patron Saint of Ireland and he chased the snakes from Ireland - oh good - I am moving there because Ms.Bee HATES snakes and any likeness of them!

Happy St.Patricks' Day to you all!


  1. Raisin' a glass to you, Lassie!

  2. I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day the other day. I wore green, but that's because it was the only thing clean.

    And I'm part Irish!

  3. Someone pinched me because I didn't wear green. Ouch, that'll leave a mark.