Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Hockey and the Lobster Pot

Ms.Bee and company attended their 2nd annual Lobster Pot Hockey Tournament last weekend on Cape Cod...........

Here is the Man's Man - it's hard to take him serious with the kids wearing Lobsters on their heads! 

This last one is my favorite because this Matt is whining about going to the "Sinbin" - the ref made a terrible call - "digging too hard at the puck" - seriously???????  Is there such a thing??????  I guess I'm a hockey crazed Mom but thats what they teach the kids - dig until the whistle blows!   Matt works so hard - he wants to be Bobby Orr - he wears #4 proudly..........but mostly - he's having fun and that's what really matters - some of these hockey people are WAY over the top crazy!

I get it - it's an intense game - but these are little kids folks - lets remember they are 8 and 9 years old - they should have FUN and that is most important - and that is why I like the Lobster Pot Tournament - because all the kids are winners - great time was had by all!


  1. No ice skating for me, weak ankles oh and I live in the desert and never want to be cold again.

  2. Zadge - I'd pass that along!

    Mrs.Tuna - After this winter I never want to see snow again! Oh wait - guess what? It's snowing - F'ing AGAIN!

  3. Matt is so adorable! Mrs. Tuna, can we come visit you? We cook and clean.

  4. I can't comment, you put up a fence!!

    Srsly, cute kid. I like pic #5, up on one ski. Or is that skate? Hell, now you know how much I know about hockey - other than I can be a puck some days.

  5. Ron - I had to put the fence up to keep the rif raf out! :) I'm trying a new look today! Tomorrow I'll try something else - This one is kinda cool though cuz it reminds me of jail - do not pass go - go directly to jail - do not collect your #200.00!

  6. I liked all your hockey pictures. I'll always cheer from the blogger sideline, because with hockey is cold. Like snow and stuff. No thanks. :) What fence?

  7. Bee - It reminds you of jail...okay, do I want to know anymore, like, how would you know what jail looks like?

    Let's just say, the grapes are a huge improvement. You're missed around the duck farm. Haven't seen you around lately. Something I said?