Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Observations from the Suburbs........

That is first and foremost...............Damn I don't like these lazy crazy days of's just too damn hot to enjoy activity!

Moving on...........I have a sorta old new's called produce and it can be purchased here........

I pass this famous for many things farm stand every day - twice a day - now mind you there are bigger and better places in the area - what I love about this place is I get to see the vegie's and fruit growing daily - there are acres of stuff here and it just marvels me to watch the stuff grow.  I want to stop my car some days and run into the fields and pick till my hearts is content..............I don't know why this is - it just is. 

I have been watching nothing but the Food Network lately - there really is nothing on 500 channels of tv.......

Why do people insist on biking and running on days like today?  Do they feel the need to be Superman/woman?  It's too DAMN HOT out there people - relax and have yourself a cold something!

Ms.Bee was going to take herself and the family to a Cape Ann beach tomorrow but it's too hot!  Again......that HOT is messing with my life too much!

If you have never heard of Cape Ann, you probably have and don't know it - It's where the Perfect Storm was filmed - Gloucester MA.  However - Ms.Bee does not wish to be a fried clam tomorrow so she will seek cooler actitivites..........she would however love to eat a few fried clams somewhere - once a year I venture to the fried side for a little taste of these babies - nothing like 'em!  Except for the stuffed oysters at in Pensacola Beach - those are yummy too!  This however, would cause me to go where AGAIN it's TOO hot!

I will sign off with this old summertime song...............on a side note - doesn't the guy on the right look like our friend Ron over at ?  Just sayin............


  1. O.With a capital M and G. I thought that was the Ronbo!

    By the way, I hear the weather in San Diego will be just lovely the next few weeks! ;)

  2. Does that look suspiciously like Ron! It's so sad it's not beach and fried clam weather. It's just wrong on every level...

  3. My new little kitty Junebug loved this song. He sat next to it to listen. As far as if that was me, well I can tell you for three years I lived a block from the ocean in Hermosa Beach, CA and am fully aware of half-neked girls.

  4. That has always been one of my favorite summer songs!
    I found the only way to beat the heat here is to be neck deep in the pool for at least 2 hours a day.