Saturday, August 13, 2011

More random observations from the 'burbs........

Well in case you haven't heard - my sister Meg and her bloggy BFF The Zadge hit Blogher San Diego last weekend - they were supposed to be learning blogging tools to better their blogs - but instead they were out having many libations with various people - which is why I decided to stay home this year.......because you all know Ms.Bee would not have wanted to be a part of any of that carousing and drinking until all hours!  Geez girls do you really think I want to do that in NYC with you next year? 

Did you hear that Kate Middleton AKA The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted in a sweater she had already been spotted in?  It's true!  Can you believe that someone actually wears a sweater more than once?  And she's royalty and all - it's hard to imagine someone with common sense!  AND to add further insult she wore a dress to Will's cousins wedding that she had worn before!  AW God!

School is 2 weeks away - Ms.Bee cannot wait!  She's had enough of teenagers laying around doing nothing and little boys wearing the same set of cloths for more than 1 day!  She's had enough of staying up late and talking until Ms.Bee had to take herself to bed to get some quiet - enough children - get your arses to school!  NOW!  Although Ms.Bee is slowing coming to the realization that her oldest will be graduating from high school next spring and will have to make some tough decisions - he spent the last week with his girlsfriends Marine Brother and co at Camp Lejeune and appears to have had a really fine time............I hope he didn't get any ideas about being a Mar...............oh never mind - that would never happen .............that would require bed making and clothing folding.............

This mornings headlines say Sarah Palin was swarmed at the Iowa state fair - I'm hoping it was by bees!

Mitt Romney's wealth is reported to be as high as $250 Million - excuse me Mitt but why the "F" do you want to run for President?  I'm sorry there Mitt I just don't see it happening for you either..........

Ms.Bee and the gang are on vacation this week - we've decided to do a little camping in the White Mountains - if it rains one little drop I'm running for the nearest hotel!  There will be no repeat of the camp show that happened in Bar Harbor a few years ago where I slept in the car for 3 nights only to wake each morning to beutiful sunshine! 

Bye bye for now!


  1. Camping, Bee? You are made of sturdier stock than I.
    God bless!

  2. For a guy who has nothing to do, I'm sure busy these days. Finally got around to stopping by. I'm with you, I only go to the Hilton Campgrounds.

  3. Srsly, we need you there next year! I am howling over that Sarah Palin being swarmed statement. Except I think bees are too kind for her.

  4. Hey! I didn't realize you were Meg's sister!