Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Help - I've fallen

I did get up - but Ms.Bee is starting to get a complex............this is the 3rd? wait 4th? Hmmm - I don't know I've lost count - but Ms. Bee has fallen alot the last few years!  I hereby officially conclude - I AM NOT A WEEBLE!  I wabble and DO FALL DOWN!

Today - Ms. Bee decided to stop at her local grocer in the town in which she works - Ms. Bee only needed a few items - while coming out of the store and almost to the car Ms.Bee's foot came upon a pile of GOOP - you know that goopy stuff they use to seal the cracks in the asphalt - except I am thinking my 8 year old and his friends might have been on the job the day it was done because it looked like a topped off cupcake!  Ms.Bee's foot found the goop and she took a header and hit her knees, her hands, her chin, her mouth and hurt her already hurt elbow! And let us know forget our hurt pride shall we?  Ms. Bee did have someone come to her rescue - he was not however Tom Brady or Superman - he was however a very nice man and I graciously thanked him several times and assured him I was ok................then Ms. Bee came home and poured herself a drink! 

Now Ms.Bee is in bed stiffer than stiff (and no not from the booze) - turning black and blue by the second...................Ms.Bee needs suction cups on the botton of her feet!  The End............


  1. Do I need to order you the "Clap on" thingamabobby? "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

    P.S. Sursly, tho, sounds like a bad fall. Hope you feel better asap!

  2. Dewie, Cheatum and Howe law firm. 888-555-1212
    Don't let those bad shopper center asphalt people wreck your life. Turn your header into cash.

    Srsly, that is a classic slip and fall. You should call the store manager and report a claim. Somebody else might have also slipped.

    It is completely reasonable that when someone invites you into their store they provide a safe access. You certainly should not break a leg along the way.

  3. I had a phase like that a few years ago. I know I fell down several times in one month. Usually just walking along, I'd fall down. I mean really! Only little kids "fall down" right? So embarrassing.

  4. Please don't pull a Mom and break your foot or ankle!

  5. Oh Dear, I'm afraid you are turning into me!! Try as hell to stay upright....years ago, Dad and I walking along the harbor - me in shoes not appropriate turned an ankle and went down...Dad passed the comment to the nearby observer "she often does this after a bad night" I could have kicked him!!! But it made me laugh!!

  6. I ALWAYS do that in public. When I did it in the parking lot of the Cape Cod Mall not one person stoppped to help me. At least when I did it at the meat market last summer, my husband was with me.

    Hope you are feeling better

  7. Really....??? I certainly hope that this didn't fracture anything .. we don't bounce like we use too!! LOL