Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daytime TV is like watching ice melt

So Ms.Bee OB-viously is not sitting around on Fridays (her day off) watching daytime TV - but today because she doesn't feel well and her little guy has a 1/2 day - she swapped her day off and is working Friday this week. 

Ms.Bee would like to take a moment to tell you what the big 3 networks are playing at the moment:

CBS - Let's Make a Deal
ABC - Nate Berkus
NBC - Today Show

Is America stupid?  (yes I now the answer already)

Let's Make a Deal - lets start with this one - people get dressed up in costumes and try to win stupid prizes like "dinette sets" from Broyhill..........and sometimes they get a goat instead - DUH - DUH and DUH - bring back Monty Hall and then I might consider watching!  Wayne Brady does NOTHING for this show! 

Nate Berkus - Now actually I like Nate - he's not a bad buy - he's cute, definately has good taste, etc etc.....but the show........just doesn't get me excited you know?  How much decorating can you watch?  I don't know - maybe it's me!

Then we have the 15th hour of the Today Show!  Now Matt and dimwit Ann Curry have been on since 7:00AM - it's now 10:30AM - how much TODAY do we need?  How about TOMORROW - yeah - How about I make a TOMORROW show?  Get off my TV!  If I stay tuned long enough I'll get to see Kathie "make me barf " Lee and Hoda (who names their child Hoda?) - blither all over each other and drink wine.............I get all Lewis Black and want to smash the fricking TV when I see or hear Kathie Lee............the woman needs to go - HOME!

Then I have 9 BAzillion channels of cable with nothing on.............even Food Network has that stupid Sandra Lee on or repeats that are 5 years old! 

I think I'll go back to bed!


  1. I can't take Kathie Lee, I usually switch to The View...unless Hasselbeck gets shrill and I have to turn it off.

  2. WHERE DID MY COMMENT GO????? I HAD THIS GOOD ONE, HOURS AGO, AND ITS GONE! Turn off your spam thingy.

  3. Zadge - I turned off my Spam "thingy" but I think it's too late the comment usually goes to my junk email if it doesn't recognize you - nothing there?? :(

  4. I screwed-up my spam thingy too. You better get that fixed. She seems a little hostile.