Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hail to Dorothy - The Wicked Witch is dead!

Oh wait - this isn't the Wicked Witch is it?  Well, they look alot alike - FUGLY as hell - so what the hell - let's give it up for Dorothy!

In other Ms.Beehaven News................Ms.Bee has been told by her FBIL (the one that wants to build his own casket) - that she is getting old!  He says it's ok and that he has come to the realization that he is old and he doesn't care anymore - he has come to terms with the fact he can't do what he used to and he is ok with that!  Ms.Bee and he agree on this!  However, we have a hard time convincing the Man's Man about this, Mr.Manly still thinks he's 22 and plays hockey on Monday nights at un-GODLY hours - like 11:00PM!  Then the "Men" drink beer in the smelly locker room afterwards!  EW! 

Boy do we have some Yahoo's running for Prez this term huh?  How about that Cain?  And oh don't forget Rick Perry!  Or how about Michelle Bachman?  And nothing says Presidential like Vegas baby huh?  Oh yeah what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.............or not!

Cheers people - it's Thursday - my virtual Friday - and Ms.Bee is going to enjoy every single moment tomorrow!

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  1. I can't help but think somewhere Gaddafi/Qaddafi (whatever how you spell it) went wrong when he thought a crazy dictator could pull off a Michael Jackson wardrobe.

    But that's me.