Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday ramblings...........

Today is Sunday Oct 2, 2011 - On Friday Sept 30, 2011 Redsox Nation lost the man that brought them to 2 World Series since 1918 the other day. And if you can't count - it was 86 fricking years!

Tito you are a class act.  It is true Karma is a bitch - John Henry was injured on his "yacht" Friday night and had to be taken to the hospital - Ms.Bee thinks he had one too many after sending Tito packing and fell down - too bad he didn't fall overboard into Boston Harbor!

Friday, Ms. Bee transformed her yard from summer to fall - she pulled up all the summer plantings that were starting to yellow and replaced them will brillant fall colored mums, and pumpkins and gords and funky little things of different colors and shapes!  She feels better about the look of the yard now!

Yesterday was October 1st - The Man's Man and I celebrated 23 years of wedded bliss - we started dating in 1986 while I was a Junior in high school, he a senior...........I can tell you he is:

Ms.Bee has been busy with all things kids, and weddings, and fall cleaning etc...........she also thinks she has a senile dog on her hands.  Carson has started to bark at NOTHING and I do mean nothing - which leads me to believe old age is setting in!

Ms.Bee has discovered a new drink while she was away at her good friend Mary's wedding which took place here at the lovely Daniel Webster Inn in Sandwich MA on Sept 17th - trust me a good time was had by all - festivities started at 2:00Pm Friday and never stopped until Sunday!

Jeramiah Weed (sweet tea flavored vodka) and lemonade - yum yum - her new husband Ross has turned me into a Junkie - thanks Ross!  What a great time was had by all!  And so nice to see a couple SO in love!

To prove that we all had a good time here is our good friend Cheri pretending she is the Chiquita Banana lady and using the mantle flower arrangement as a prop for her head!

Yo Cheri - you look sexy lady!

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