Monday, October 3, 2011

The Chew? And screw if you know what's good!

Ms. Bee was home with sickly Matt last Monday and had the un-pleasure of watching ABC's new show "The Chew" - First let me just say that it's downright appauling that they took Erica Kane off the air - I do not watch soaps - but I used to back in the day and Erica is the Queen of daytime TV - the fact that they replaced AMC with "The Chew" shows you that everyone at ABC daytime TV has their heads up their ASS!

If you haven't been LUCKY? enough to see this show tune in at 1:00PM Eastern or check your local guide - I assure you that you WILL be looking at these idiots with questions marks floating around your head! 

The other day Michael Simon had his sister cooking chicken cutlets and then had her purell her hands after handling the RAW chicken - EW EW EW EW - this is gross - wrong and disgusting!  EW EW EW!
And chicken cutlets - how awe inspiring is that?  Listen I love chicken cutlets - but that is kinda basic cooking isn't it?  I mean it's not rocket science - Or is it me?  Note to Michael - MUST WASH HANDS THOROUGHLY AFTER HANDLING RAW MEAT!  MUST TELL SISTER AS WELL!

And Clinton - oh good Lord - the man puts little signs up telling people where to throw their shrimp tails and dirty hand towels!  It must be a gay thing? Really?  I don't know about you - but I know that the shrimp tail goes in the trash and if I can't find it - I'll ask - I promise I don't put them in people's plants  - Here's a suggestion for Clinton - get some friends who have some class!  My friends would not put the shrimp tails in the plants (if I had some) unless they were really drunk!

Mario - cut the pony tail off and cut the shit with Gweneth - nobody can stand her anymore!  And you honestly are much better on Iron Chef - also - you look like a lost Brook Trout in the sea!  Haha - get it?

Carla - she seriously looks like a witch - I'm sorry - I don't mean to be unkind but the woman does nothing for TV  - she needs a makeover of some sort. 

Daphne - All I can say is 2 words - Dr. Oz...........well actually let me just say that she's cute - but she seriously only got this job because of her father!  I can tell!

In short this show isn't going to last long - in fact it should have been taken off the air the first week it was put on - it was chewed and spit out the first 5 minutes of air time!  Can you say Screw Chew?


  1. BRAVO!
    It is a sin that they replaced AMC with that boring show.
    Carla needs a sandwich. I actually like Daphne the best but most days I turn it off.

  2. It's time for real handsome stud muffin guys to rule the cooking airwaves so you guys must insist they put on guys like, well, me, Ronbo, cooking til the cows come home with two little poop-poops on his back side for a butt and some serious studly man-moans for you mamas who want to go, "Yeah baby, cook for mama, uh-huh!"

    I'm all about the "Yeah baby" factor.

  3. Someone someplace thought "The Chew" was a good name for a show? How about "The Ew"?

    P.S. Welcome back to the Blogosphere Sista!

  4. I watched it for about 5 minutes one day. WHY ARE THEY ALL SHOUTING?

  5. Darn it, I thought it would be a good premise because I love, love, love cooking shows.