Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thanksgiving questionaire

Greetings - from the Abyss!  While Ms.Bee is home pondering Thanksgiving menus and what time to leave for the next hockey gig - The Man's Man is here:

Carton House - Outside of Dublin Ireland

He is busy pondering which course to play tomorrow! 

A friend has suggested he play O'Meara because Mongomerie looks like Mrs.Doubtfire he says!

Ms. Bee is pondering the Thanksgiving menu because that is what she does.........she writes it - then crosses things out, then rewrites it, then looks at more recipes.........decisions long as there is wine and booze we will survive!

Ms.Bee is wondering a few things:

Do you eat turkey for Christmas as well?

What is your favorite side dish with turkey?

Do you eat in the afternoon or evening?

Do you have a specific tradition on Thanksgiving?

I will tell you that my favorite side dish is Spinach souffle' - it's an absolute must have for me and my sista too!  We eat it for breakfast the next day and the next until it's gone! 

We DO NOT eat turkey on Christmas, my Dad was never a big fan of turkey in his younger days so Mom always had roast beef on Christmas................which is my personal favorite...........I think each holiday should have it's own unique menu!  My Italian inlaws always had lasanga - I love pasta but I love beef more - so beef wins out!

We eat mid-afternoon - usually around 3:00PM - after we have hor'derves and drinks!

We do not have a specific tradition on Thanksgiving - except to always give thanks - for what we have - and to be together...........which is a blessing.


  1. At Thanksgiving I smoke two Cornish hens in apple wood and a white wine bath. At Easter I smoke a duck.

    And of course those things are hard to light and balance on the edge of an ash tray. :))))

  2. You forgot Nana's famous hors d'oeuvres made from the livvvverrrrsss and gizzards - My personal favorite tidbit for the day. I love these cooked savory pieces mixed with minced onion, hard boiled egg, a abit of garlic, salt/pep. and mayo served with Ritz....these ring my bell!!!

  3. Turkey only at T-giving for this girl. Ham at Christmas. Ina Garten's spinach casserole comes in a close second to Moomsker's mashed potatoes! We eat around 3 and these days, I'm the only one drinking at the table!

  4. Drool! I like those brussel sprouts with chestnuts and blue cheese... but with the beef, not the turkey!

  5. I remember the Thanksgiving where someone came to my back door in Maynard and said they were there for the Turkey. So, my kids took my stuffed Turkey out of the Fridge and gave it to this man.
    This was corrected some time later when it was learned that John Columbo had promised a turkey to a man and he came to the house on the corner and picked up MY turkey---it was returned---and the story lives on.

  6. I agree that every holiday should have its own unique menu--it helps make the day feel more festive. It would also feel more festive if I were a better cook. ;)

  7. Dear Anon - My Mother seems to think that the children put crayons in your stuffing? I do remember an emergency in our house where my Dad had to get gravy from Alphonses because my Mom decided to try to cook the bird upside down - thankfully she turned into a great cook!

    Lisa - thanks for stopping by - please pop in again!

  8. We have turkey on Thanksgiving and this year it will be at my house. Yay! I am happy to have a full table for the firt time in a few years. In-laws (3) my brother and family (3) a friend of the brother's family (1) and the (2) of us. WOW! I'm glad I got a 25# bird!

    I am making the cajun stuffing to go with it, but the tried and true that must make an appearance on the table is green bean casserole. For me, it's only okay, but everyone else would cry if it wasn't there.

    Oh, we always eat around 4ish, after appetizers and drinks.

    For Christmas, we eat at a Japanese place. We've done that for 15 years.

  9. Yes, we did have a colorfull Thanksgiving one year thanks to Frank grinding up some crayons as I was grinding up stale bread. This year, the Lawrence family are coming this Thursday---all six of them. They are interviewing for a job in Greenville and will stay until the day after Thanksgiving. I am making enchaladas for the first meal and then chicken parm for another day. Trying to get some cooking done so I can enjoy the days. Wish you were with us.
    ps. I would love that spinach recipe????
    Mrs F