Friday, December 9, 2011

Random observations from the 'burbs!

Well it's certainly been a LONG time since Ms.Bee posted!  Wow - time flies when you are NOT having fun!

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch!  We had no broken refrigerators (like we had last Christmas) - and nobody was vomiting on the side while some of us ate!  All in all it was a great day to spend with family and we all thanked GOD for food and booze! 

I saw a man yesterday flossing his teeth in the car.............GROSS...........

I am tired of saying Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukkah - or Happy Kwanzaa - whatever it is you celebrate - Happy happy - can we just call it what it is?

Junior and I spent the day at a State University looking around - it was good - Junior liked it, I liked it and we put that on the "list"!

Ms.Bee learned this week that some other "full time" employees in her office got Christmas bonus's - however she did not receive one!  While the boss happily played Santa on the phone with her other 2 employees telling them they could expect their bonus's in the mail - Ms.Bee sat by and smiled brightly and when she received the the invite to said Boss's Christmas soiree' via Post It note with "Bridget" wrote on it sitting in her pile of "to do" things - She thought "ain't no way Ain't Ms.Beehaven will be attending BEE'Otch" - as a matter of fact - I didn't even acknowledge that I received it or saw it! I think Ms.Bee is not cut out to work for woman (bee'otches) - however I do think this one has a little personality issue that is interfering in her everyday life (IE - the life that she doesn't have) - so I'm looking the other way and looking to move on - I don't need psycho BEE'Otch trying to play head games by telling me how wonderful her last TEMP was who couldn't put a letter together with correct spelling - but he was a 30 year old guy who fawned all over her and I think she misses that attention..........he didn't last 90 days at his "new" job either - now he's selling granola bars!  And I am not kidding!  Said Boss thinks it's wonderful!  "Look at these bars - aren't the wonderful - and every bar he sells feeds a child in Africa" - GREAT - how about you KISS MY ASS!  Ok - I'm done! Ms.Bee predicts a new job in the New Year!

The house is decorated..............The Man's Man got a new Ford "Tough" pickup for Christmas and I am sitting by the pellet stove alone - Life is Good!


  1. Strangely, some folks are unaware that they're cheap douchebag bee'otches.

  2. I predict a new job too. Miss Passive Aggressive must get a new assistant every year like Murphy Brown?

  3. "and every bar he sells feeds a child in Africa" - GREAT - how about you KISS MY ASS!"

    WT Actual F!

    My screen has spatter all over it after I burst into laughter. It's not funny, but it's funny.

    Thanks for the laugh Bee at 4 in the morning.